Bailey Bowden

Eric and Bailey are amazingly helpful! We both sold our condo and bought our new home through EBRRE.

First, Eric made sure we received all the help and information on how to best present our condo before putting it on the market. Ours was a difficult sell, as it was in a high-priced market and only a one bedroom. He kept us in the loop about potential buyers’ opinions after viewing the property, and we were able to make adjustments quickly. The pictures of our condo made us wonder why we were selling in the first place.

Even when we hit a snag with a loopy “potential buyer”, he worked quickly and professionally to disengage and get my house back on the hot list.

It only took a couple of months and we had a buyer and received just a little below asking and above our final goal.

Second, we had a very specific “forever home” in mind that was really what we thought would be a pipe dream.

He sent me homes that fit the bill on a very regular basis and immediately sent me homes that came almost exactly to what we wanted. Bailey would make sure I could see the house as soon as possible (to fit my schedule) and at times we would be in the house within the hour. The market is tight and we actually had several homes bought out from under us within hours, but they did an amazing job of keeping us focused on “the perfect home.”

When we found “the one” it was on a Friday afternoon in which Eric was out of town for the day and Bailey had the afternoon off. Not only did she make arrangements to see the home immediately (30 minutes!!), she met me and helped keep me grounded to make sure this truly was it. We actually found a home with all the weird quirks we wanted and would never have dreamed to find something like this in the neighborhood we hoped at the price we could afford (they never pushed us or introduced homes “just a little over” as most agents we have found do).

EBRRE made sure we got our bid in in such a way as to entice the buyer without going into a bidding war (there were other offers). We were in contract within just a couple of weeks and had the home by the end of the month.

They also escorted us through the legal release and purchase and made sure our new home would be everything we hoped.

I couldn’t be happier with EBRRE and the wonderful people who made my forever home happen so smoothly.

Thank you Eric and Bailey!

I’ve employed Eric and his team to purchase twice and to sell two properties. So, I feel like I know quite a bit about how they work, and I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation.

On the sell side: Eric is very systematic and thorough, and selling my first home I talked to quite a few realtors, I was really comfortable with Eric and his team, never feeling like I was asking a stupid question, and I asked a ton of questions. He has a great team of staff and contractors that helped me stage the homes, photograph the homes, last minute repairs to help the value, and they marketed the heck out of the homes. He gave me great advice with regards to pricing and strategy. We sold with multiple offers on one property (above asking) in a hotter area of town within 24 hours of listing and we sold very close to list price on a second property in a less hot market. He was available and promptly returned calls and emails. After we were under contract, he helped us negotiate repairs and kept us informed until we successfully closed. A+ all around.

On the purchase side: Eric is available, informative, and honest. He or Bailey were always available to view any property within 24 hours, usually just a few hours and they helped me look at the pros and cons of each property. I wasn’t rushed in any way, and again I was comfortable looking at enough homes to make sure I got exactly what I wanted each time. Eric provided honest opinions of each neighborhood and the market value of each property. In short, he didn’t just try to get a quick sale, but really helped me through the process (This proved it’s value as my first purchase through eric we sold under a year for a substantial increase in price)

I have recommended Eric to a number of friends and family and will continue to do so. He’s a true advocate for his clients and I absolutely enjoy working with him, I hope to never move again, but if I do I know who I’m calling first to sell.

Eric is hands down the best realtor I have ever had working for me. I’ve done 13 personal buy or sell real estate transactions in many areas of the country now and have no patience for 95% of realtors and Eric far exceeded my demanding expectations 100% of the time. First he helped me when I was looking to buy, then went far above and beyond when I decided to rent first for 4 months. His response time is close to immediate, he knows the market inside- out, he doesn’t tell you nonsense lines to get you to buy, he understands what you want and explains everything that’s helpful, and very critically he doesn’t waste your time. Of all the great things I could say about Eric, and his assistant Bailey as well, the very best thing is that he has a can-do, no excuses attitude and will work using that attitude to get you the very best house at the best possible price and do it all with a personable and friendly personality. He’s simply the very best.

My husband and I were moving back to Austin from Seattle and contacted Eric after reading his numerous Yelp reviews and experiencing slow communications with the realtor we originally intended to use. We made the right decision to work with Eric! He listened intently to our requirements over the phone and quickly had a list of houses that actually met our criteria. We worked with him to plan a last-minute 4 day trip to Austin, where he and Bailey spent 4 days taking us through over 35 houses before we had to fly back to Seattle. He and Bailey were both super-responsive to all our emails/texts/phone calls before, during, and after our 4 day trip. Both Eric and Bailey were relaxed, helpful, and candid throughout the process. Eric is super-knowledgable about the neighborhoods we were considering, which really helped us better understand what to expect with each home we saw.

Eric allowed us to walk through each home at our own pace, hanging back to answer questions if we had them, but letting us experience the home for ourselves. He was upfront about potential issues in any home we looked at, rather than blindly encouraging us to just purchase a home already. By the time we flew home from our trip, Eric had prepared our offer and sent everything we needed over to us to sign. He helped us through the process and recommended an excellent lender who was able to offer us great rates and patiently listen to all of our first-time home buyer questions. When we panicked over not understanding something in the contract at the last minute when we were supposed to be signing all the papers, Eric quickly responded to our text (after hours in Austin) and called us to explain what we were confused about.

Buying a home from another state is difficult, and Eric was a great realtor throughout the process. He and his team even arranged for flooring companies to access the house so we could arrange to have floors installed before our move from Seattle. Once we moved into the house, I had trouble operating the jacuzzi in the Master bath, and Eric was quick to respond. He not only re-sent the inspection report, but called me and patiently walked me through trouble-shooting the tub until I got it to work.

We are very happy with our experience working with Eric and Bailey and would highly recommend them without reservation to anyone looking to purchase a home in Austin.

Being a first time home buyer in this crazy Austin feeding frenzy market can be quite intimidating. I was referred to Eric Bramlett by a trusted friend. Eric and his assistant Bailey were fun to work with. They were both patient with my learning curve, tolerant of my freak out moments and knowledgable beyond their required licensure. They got me all the information I needed before I needed it and even worked around my 60+ hour work weeks to get me into properties. Even after the sell Eric had many trust worthy contacts that delivered good service at great prices for needed repairs. I’m ecstatic to be settling into my wonderful home! Thank you Eric and Bailey!

We found Bramlett Residential based off of reviews online for buyers agents and couldn’t be happier about the way things turned out. Eric and Bailey worked with us to identify locations we’d like and made sure that they acted as trusted advisers. No question was off-limits, and every request for viewings was arranged in a timely manner.

Eric was especially helpful in outlining our options when looking at homes with work to be done, pointing out potential pitfalls that new homeowners make regarding updates\renos, especially overzealous ones who’ve seen a bit too much HGTV :-)

We also loved that Eric did not try to nudge us towards / away from a property or pressure us into liking a place. He’s very capable of standing back and letting you see the light yourself.

When we look to move\relocate, there’s no doubt in our minds as to who will be our listing agent.

Eric Bramlett is the best realtor in Austin, hands down. My wife and I screened several realtors and Eric Bramlett’s team was down-to-earth and professional. Both Eric and Bailey’s overall demeanor and approach made relocating from California to Austin a great experience.

Being 1,700 miles away, it saved us a ton of time and headache to have someone super knowledgeable and calm that could recommend areas and houses that met our top priorities. The house we ended up purchasing was pending when we saw the listing – it was Eric’s diligence to follow up on the status of it that lead to us buying a great home in the best location for our family. They also helped us pass on houses that were overpriced or not the best fit. What I loved personally is that they never wasted my time. Anyway, highly recommend them!

I don’t write reviews ever, but Bramlett Realty is worth an exception. I found them on yelp after being very frustrated with my husband’s buddy who is a part time realtor / musician. Great guy, but… When picking a realtor, suddenly everyone you know has a friend or family member who does real estate or even better just got their license. JUST SAY NO! This is the most important investment your family will make. We met with 4 agents after we broke up with our first and found Eric. The reviews were right – there is no comparison. He truly is in a league of his own and the absolute most important decision we made during the entire process of buying and selling a home. I was skeptical at first after having been burned so I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket right away. It took about a week of working with Eric to see the difference bw him and the others. I was also skeptical bc Eric told me in April that he had closed 80 houses so far this year (the average is 6). I didn’t think there was any way he would have time to answer my questions (I had a lot ) or give us the attention we wanted during the process of selling and buying. I have no idea how he does it, but Eric makes you feel like you are his only and most important client. If you text him, you’ll hear back in 5 min. If you email him, within 30min and often times he’ll call to go through the email with you and make sure all questions are answered. He will remember what you spoke about last week and the week before that. Eric never made me feel dumb for asking even the most minor questions and he never made me feel like he was put out at having to answer them. If it was important to me, it was important to him. I seriously have no idea how he manages to do this for all his clients but I promise you – most agents do not make this time. I worked with several “”top agents”” who passed me off to their assistants and didn’t return a single phone call or email past the initial visit. Beyond his availability and personal attention lies Eric’s greatest asset as a realtor: you build people and people build a business. He is not out to get what he can (get you in a house way over max budget for max commission and sell yours for cheap so he can get it sold in 1 day). He worked with us as if we were family. If you want a realtor who is going to be a yes man and tell you exactly what you want to hear then Eric isn’t the one for you. He will give you the truth even when it’s ugly and I value that greatly. It saved us many times! Again, most agents won’t. Eric is extremely knowledgeable about all Austin neighborhoods and schools. It’s nuts. I was shocked when I asked him about a very specific neighborhood in Round Rock and he was able to tell me the elementary school by name and which high schools were rated the best in the area and then do it again for 5 other neighborhoods I was considering. Most agents know the area they live in and have to research others on the internet and get back to you. He is a plethora of information and not just about real estate. He “”has a guy”” for everything. Need a window fixed? Eric knows the cheapest and best. Need a new air conditioner? Eric has a guy from San Marcos that can get you the same unit installed for 2k less. Seriously, anything you need done, he can point you in the right direction and follow through with you to make sure you we’re able to get an appt etc. Actually, he set up most of the appointments himself even. He went above and beyond over and over again.
This man negotiates the bejesus out of a contract. It’s such an important part of the process! We negotiated the sale of our new house to the bone and when it came time to negotiate repairs etc on our old house, Eric somehow got a $40,000 list of repairs down to $500. I’m serious. Most of it was pointing out an inspectors mistakes, but Eric took the time to send the buyers source after source via good old google proving their inspector was in the wrong again and again. Most agents would not take the time to do that, nor would they have the knowledge. He has a way of making the other party (buyers or sellers) feel like he is being fair, equitable and reasonable – mostly because he is. Eric was also able to talk my husband and I down from a ledge many, many times when we were anxious, ready to walk or in a rush to hurry things along.
Lastly, Eric’s team is stellar. His Assistant, Bailey, took me to see a dozen houses or more with a smile on her face, at the drop of a hat and on my schedule! She brought me furniture to stage my house to sell, flyers etc. She is extremely efficient, knowledgable and if that weren’t enough – a super kind and caring person who my toddler fell in love with instantly. Eric also has a stager (invaluable) and a professional photographer whom he pays for when he sells your home. It makes a huge difference. Again, Bramlett Realty is the most important and best decision we made in the whole process.

Eric was referred to us by a friend who had recently worked with him on a transaction and raved about their experience. Eric did not dissapoint, and made the transaction easier, as he walks you through each step of the process, taking the time to ensure you understand. One of the nice things, is that he is readilly available to answer questions, through email, phone or text, and no question is too simple, which makes you feel valued as a client. Eric provides attention to detail, and makes you feel confident in his abilitities to get you the house. Bailey, who works for Eric, was also enjoyable, always available and helpful. Definitely recommend Eric without hesitation!

Eric worked with my parents who are from Bolivia and it was their first time buying an investment property in the U.S. He was EXTREMELY helpful as he suggested different options available for them and took them to many parts of Austin so that they could see the different areas (being new to the city this really helped.) Him and Bailey were very professional throughout the process and ensured that all the documents were taken care off and they could go back to Bolivia without any preoccupations. I would definitely be using his services again.

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