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Eric and Bailey are amazingly helpful! We both sold our condo and bought our new home through EBRRE.

First, Eric made sure we received all the help and information on how to best present our condo before putting it on the market. Ours was a difficult sell, as it was in a high-priced market and only a one bedroom. He kept us in the loop about potential buyers’ opinions after viewing the property, and we were able to make adjustments quickly. The pictures of our condo made us wonder why we were selling in the first place.

Even when we hit a snag with a loopy “potential buyer”, he worked quickly and professionally to disengage and get my house back on the hot list.

It only took a couple of months and we had a buyer and received just a little below asking and above our final goal.

Second, we had a very specific “forever home” in mind that was really what we thought would be a pipe dream.

He sent me homes that fit the bill on a very regular basis and immediately sent me homes that came almost exactly to what we wanted. Bailey would make sure I could see the house as soon as possible (to fit my schedule) and at times we would be in the house within the hour. The market is tight and we actually had several homes bought out from under us within hours, but they did an amazing job of keeping us focused on “the perfect home.”

When we found “the one” it was on a Friday afternoon in which Eric was out of town for the day and Bailey had the afternoon off. Not only did she make arrangements to see the home immediately (30 minutes!!), she met me and helped keep me grounded to make sure this truly was it. We actually found a home with all the weird quirks we wanted and would never have dreamed to find something like this in the neighborhood we hoped at the price we could afford (they never pushed us or introduced homes “just a little over” as most agents we have found do).

EBRRE made sure we got our bid in in such a way as to entice the buyer without going into a bidding war (there were other offers). We were in contract within just a couple of weeks and had the home by the end of the month.

They also escorted us through the legal release and purchase and made sure our new home would be everything we hoped.

I couldn’t be happier with EBRRE and the wonderful people who made my forever home happen so smoothly.

Thank you Eric and Bailey!

We found Eric through Yelp after an exhaustive search for a property management company in Austin. After speaking to a few different companies we decided to go with Eric and his team. From the outset we felt very comfortable with Eric – he was very responsive, knowledgeable and patient with us. Within a few days of contacting him we had a full analysis of our properties, work needed to be done, and listing examples. Once we signed on with him we felt very relieved that we had an experienced and very approachable team on our side. Since then we have purchased additional property through Eric. The buying experience met our expectations. He had properties lined up based on our criteria and helped us make informed decisions. Eric and his team go the extra distance. There was a property on the market and we could not visit it. Eric offered to make a short video tour and sent it to us. BTW we had previously interviewed many other realtors and Eric was hands down one of the best.

I’ve employed Eric and his team to purchase twice and to sell two properties. So, I feel like I know quite a bit about how they work, and I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation.

On the sell side: Eric is very systematic and thorough, and selling my first home I talked to quite a few realtors, I was really comfortable with Eric and his team, never feeling like I was asking a stupid question, and I asked a ton of questions. He has a great team of staff and contractors that helped me stage the homes, photograph the homes, last minute repairs to help the value, and they marketed the heck out of the homes. He gave me great advice with regards to pricing and strategy. We sold with multiple offers on one property (above asking) in a hotter area of town within 24 hours of listing and we sold very close to list price on a second property in a less hot market. He was available and promptly returned calls and emails. After we were under contract, he helped us negotiate repairs and kept us informed until we successfully closed. A+ all around.

On the purchase side: Eric is available, informative, and honest. He or Bailey were always available to view any property within 24 hours, usually just a few hours and they helped me look at the pros and cons of each property. I wasn’t rushed in any way, and again I was comfortable looking at enough homes to make sure I got exactly what I wanted each time. Eric provided honest opinions of each neighborhood and the market value of each property. In short, he didn’t just try to get a quick sale, but really helped me through the process (This proved it’s value as my first purchase through eric we sold under a year for a substantial increase in price)

I have recommended Eric to a number of friends and family and will continue to do so. He’s a true advocate for his clients and I absolutely enjoy working with him, I hope to never move again, but if I do I know who I’m calling first to sell.

I have been working with Eric Bramlett for the past 8 years. I have purchased many homes and remodel them and have felt the professionalism from Eric’s team every time I have sold one. The Bramlett team is specialized in all areas of listing and purchasing homes. One example is the team for staging, this team arrived when they said they would arrive and left the home spectacular. I would recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in and around the Austin market. Thanks, Orlando

Eric was a massive help throughout the entire process. I called him countless times and he was always there, or got back to me very soon after, even after we had closed.

We used Eric this summer to both sell our house and buy a new one, and the process could not have been smoother! Eric is very knowledgeable about Austin real estate and has extensive experience both in buying and selling as well as remodeling. He is the opposite of pushy but is always there with information as soon as you ask and has recommendations for everything from a yard company to a mortgage broker. He is very easy to communicate with and has a process setup for getting a house listed (including a professional stager, professional photographer, and detailed market analysis) which I am convinced got us more money on our house than we would have gotten if we used someone else. Eric and team exceeded our expectations and were so nice to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I hired Eric because he is a straight up professional and clearly better than the three other agents I interviewed. Eric uses data. He has a project plan. He works with good people. Every contact was professional and a pleasure and NEVER a waste of time. If you expect people to do their jobs well, you won’t be disappointed.

We moved to Austin from LA and wanted to purchase as soon as possible. After interviewing 4 realtors over the phone, we knew we’d be in good hands with Eric. He asked all the right questions and was realistic with what we could expect with our budget and wishlist. A bonus, Eric also has a ton of experience in remodeling homes and is an investor himself. This was really helpful as we not only wanted to explore home options but investment opportunities as well. Almost a year after house hunting with him and his team, we finally closed on a house last weekend and couldn’t be more thrilled. We saw dozens of homes and took our time, but Eric was always patient and persisted through with us. Eric genuinely wants his clients to maximize the potential of their home. He’s full of ideas for renovations, layout, vendor recommendations and even details such as what light bulbs shine the best! Not to mention, he’s just a really cool guy. House hunting can get draining but it helps when your agent is down to earth and can crack a joke or two :) I would say the 3 most important qualities in your realtor is that they are honest, knowledgeable and engaged. Eric and his team hit the mark on all points and we’ll be using them again for any future purchases/sales.

I had my real estate license for many years before I let it go because it just wasn’t for me. In that time, I sold plenty of houses, bought plenty of houses, and rented plenty of houses. The barrier to entry for real estate is ridiculously low, so there are LOTS of unprofessional people in the business. I’ve dealt with a lot of them. Eric was my broker when I had my license, so when I gave up my license, it was an easy decision to go to him when I needed help. First of all, Eric isn’t a salesman in the least. He’s an advisor. If he were a salesman, he would have told me to list and sell my properties when I contacted him to see what my options were like others have. However, instead of trying to talk me into doing something that would have netted him around $20,000 in commission, he told me what he would do in my situation, which was to hold onto the properties and continue renting them out. So, he chose to give me solid advice rather than try to earn a $19k higher paycheck. That says a lot about him, and that’s why I trust him. Eric and his team are very organized and have systems for every process. They communicated with my current tenants and negotiated an extension (at a higher rental price) on one property and got another property leased out very quickly, after thoroughly vetting the new tenants and helping me with the move out for the old tenants. I’ve seen Eric in action on property sales, and he’s just as organized and efficient on sale transactions. Eric is the cream of the crop. If you already have someone you like, do yourself a favor and call Eric to see how he compares. If you don’t have someone in the industry that you like, you won’t go wrong just calling him and going with him.

We have worked with Eric since 2012 over several purchases and a sale of our house. He walked us through the process and also gave us guidance on the locality and location each and every time. Eric also helped us with our last home purchase where we had several interesting road blocks and he helped us guide through those. Eric has your best interest in mind and will make sure its done right. He was always available and approachable. I highly recommend Eric and his team for your real estate investments or personal moves.

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