Apr 16, 2014
Saran Vigraham

There are A-players. There are players who can put these A-players to shame. Eric falls in the second category. Eric was referred to us by a good friend and it is one of the best referrals I could have gotten. I have worked with other real estate agents before (in Austin) and there is a chasm between him the others I have worked with in terms of the quality of work he does, the detailed follow ups, the no BS feedback on a property, his knowledge on almost every neighborhood in Austin, and more importantly discretion on when to show patience vs when to hustle. When he (and Bailey) was showing us homes, they were patient as we moved from one home to another. Most times we were not excited and at times when we overlooked something, he would make sure we were aware of it (even though this created more work for him). This way, we kept shopping around for “some” time. I learned a lot on what to look for in homes, what things can be overlooked, how much would it cost to fix something, etc. He is like a human version of ‘real estate google’ when it comes to expertise and readiness on sharing his years of knowledge.

When we put the offer finally, he was super determined to make sure that we got the best deal. Another great quality I admired was the richness of his connections from contractors to inspectors. These guys are A-players too, thorough professionals both in terms of work and money. Eric worked to help us understand how much we would be spending on this home to get it in shape based on inspection reports. His common sense helped a lot in our decision making. We obviously had our own lens and perspectives and he challenged few of those without being condescending. This helped us with our blind spots as we worked with our counter offers, leading to a successful purchase.

Where it got really interesting to me was his admirable ability to hustle us and make sure we were not sitting on our butts just because the purchase was done. We planned to lease this property out and the day we signed the contracts, Eric got the property listed as a rental. He had already done extensive research on the neighborhood comps and helped price the house competitively. We got a renter in 2 days with entire background check complete and the entire credit goes to Eric’s team. We still had to get stuff done – repairs, yard, etc. Because he was aggressive in getting this on the market, we hustled and worked with contractors to get the house in prime condition before our renter moved in.

Eric is an amazing person. He is very honest and extremely good at what he does. He also some great ideas on technology and real estate industry. I have already recommended his services to friends and family. There is no better person to go to for help with your home buying/selling.

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My wife and I relocated to Austin from the east coast and didn’t know a realtor in town, so looked online. We called a few different people and really seemed to click with Eric. He knows Austin very well, which is what we really cared about, since we knew little about the various Austin neighborhoods.…


Eric is such a fantastic realtor! I had a distressed home to sell and Eric gave me the advice I needed to list it at a price that would sell. His suggested price was right on, and the house sold in a week! Eric was always available and replied quickly to all of our questions.…


My wife and I found Eric online in 2011 when we were considering moving to Austin. Eric was very helpful showing around various neighborhoods during my business trips that made my decision to move to Austin easier. Unlike most agents, Eric also helped us find an apartment for around 6 months so that we could…

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