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Acting as an executor or personal representative can be stressful because decisions must be made. As an experienced real estate professional who specializes in estate property sales, we will make sure that you are always well informed with regards to these decisions as they pertain to real estate.

We can help you by providing the following services and assitance:

  1. Provide an Opinion of Value

    It's important to understand the value of the property in its current condition. We can provide a rough valuation without a site visit if you provide an overview of the condition of the property. We can provide a much better valuation with a site visit. This service is also free of charge.

  2. Establish the Property Valuation at Death

    For tax purposes, it is often important to establish the value of the decedent's property at death. We can help you by providing a Broker Price Opinion letter, which is an expert opinion of the value of the property at the given date. We provide this service free of charge and we can provide the opinion with or without a site visit.

  3. Make Repair Recommendations

    If you would like to make repairs prior to selling the property, we can provide an opinion of high return on investment repairs. Generally, your highest return will be on simple make ready items like removing debris, deep cleaning, and landscaping. If there are any major deficiencies to the property, we can discuss the return on investment to repair these deficiencies. If you would like to improve further by painting or replacing flooring, we can also provide an opinion on that. We do not charge a fee to provide this service. We can provide high level advice without an agreement in place, but do ask to have a listing agreement prior to an in depth set of recommendations.

  4. Provide an As-Is Cash Offer

    If you do not want to list the property for sale, we can provide an as-is cash offer for the property. There is no obligation to receive this offer and we can provide this concurrently with an as-is opinion of price if you were to list the property, as well as an estimated net proceeds sheet for you to compare your options.

  5. Assist With Vendor Recommendations

    If you decide to make repairs prior to selling the property, we can assist you by providing a list of trusted vendors who can help you. We regularly make properties ready and we manage a large number of properties, so we have strong relationships with quality home services vendors. We do not charge for this service, but we generally do ask to have a listing agreement signed before introducing you to our vendors.

  6. Provide Turn Key Listing Services

    When you decide to sell the property, we can provide an easy and turn key experience. We can handle the entire process, from make ready to photograhys to closing. We understand the potential issues that an estate property sale can have and we will both antricipate and solve any problems that could arise. We charge a 6% listing fee, of which 3% is paid to any buyer's agent.

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