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Austin Population & Price History

Austin has experienced consistent & explosive growth for 30+ years. Because of this consistent demand, our real estate market sees steady & healthy appreciation. The average annual appreciation for the MSA has been 5.3% for the past 25 years. Our population has doubled in the last 20 years from 1 to 2M and experts predict that our population will see 3M in 2030, 4M in 2040, & 5M in 2050.

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  • Understand the Austin market & its appreciation potential.
  • Navigate a 1031 Exchange (if applicable).
  • Define your goals & understand the difference in cash flow vs appreciation in different sub-markets.
  • Determine the fair market rental value of any property.
  • Estimate repair costs for any property and potential repairs that are likely in the near future.
  • We will set up detailed property searches in different Austin areas & neighborhoods.
  • We will provide historical statistical data so that you can make an informed decision about any potential investment.
  • We will provide you with historical population growth & estimated population projections for the Austin metropolitan area.
  • We wil provide you with detailed economic data from the Austin Chamber of Commerce & respected local economists.

Considering Selling Your Investment Property?

We can help you!

  • Provide a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine an opinion of value.
  • Navigate a 1031 Exchange (if applicable).
  • Determine necessary repairs prior to the sale and provide an opinion of value as-is.
  • Perform a site visit without disturbing any existing tenants.
  • Provide market timing / seasonality data to help you determine your best sales strategy.
  • Work with any existing tenants to determine the best showing strategy.
  • Provide vendor referrals for make ready services.
  • Implement our provend marketing strategy.
  • Provide real time showing reports and feedback.
  • Provide weekly progress reports.
Eric is the #1 Rated Investment REALTOR in Austin!
Ryan K.

Eric has represented me as both a buyer & seller. He sold me an investment property in Austin in 2007. He was awesome to work with throughout the transaction, knows a ton about Austin, and just real estate in general. In January 2014, I decided I wanted to sell the property to free up some cash. Since Eric was great to work with on the purchase, there wasn't any question I'd use him to sell the house. We went over pricing for a bit, looked at the market, etc and then came up with price. Eric spent a week or so getting everything ready and we had it on the market. Long story short, we had a cash offer in less than a week. After the property was under contract, the Seahawks beat the Saints and were headed to Jersey for the Super Bowl (I'm from Seattle and live in Seattle.) Eric was able to get the property to close a week ahead of time, so that I had great seats for the game.

Diane M.

Eric just sold my investment house in south Austin and did an incredible job. We tried to sell the property the past 2 years and didn't have any luck, but Eric brought us an acceptable offer within two weeks. He is a work horse! He's very knowledgeable of the Austin market and he marketed the property very effectively. I have only good things to say about him, and one of his best qualities is his responsiveness. He always returns calls and email immediately and always made sure I knew what was going on with the property and the transaction. If I ever need to buy or sell in Austin, I'll use him again, and I'll strongly recommend him to anyone I know who needs a broker in Austin. Eric is the best!!

Kenric L.

I am relatively new to Austin and needed to find a realtor that knows the area fairly well as I was looking for a good investment. I decided to go to Yelp and look for someone knowledgeable there. I cam across Eric Bramlett and gave him a call. I had hesitations at first because he seemed like he might be a busy real estate agent but i called anyway and he answered the phone right away and spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me discussing different areas. In all we probably only went to see 3 houses. Eric happened to be with other clients on 2 off those, but part of that was just the short notice that we gave. Both of those times, his assistant was able to show us the houses promptly. This didn't bother me thought because he was always very accessible on the phone and through email. We saw a few other houses on our own, but thats because we were just looking all over the place and didn't want to bother him if we were just feeling places out. A lot of phone calls and email later, we ended up finding a house that we love and its in a great area. I gave him 5 stars because he is extremely knowledgable, understanding, and helpful. Not once did he ask me to sign anything or pressure me into using him as my realtor. Highly recommend!

Vanessa A.

I've hired Eric to sell 2 properties in Austin. I first hired him in 2010 to sell an investment condo in Travis Heights and again to sell my own home in Travis Heights in 2012. In both transactions, Eric was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He is extremely professional and efficient. He has a lot of experience in real estate and it shows. While there were the inevitable bumps in the road in each listing, Eric dealt with everything for me, so both transactions were extremely smooth from my perspective. I will absolutely use Eric for any real estate services I can, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Realtor in the Austin area.

Over 600 Client Reviews
My wife and I relocated to Austin from the east coast and didn't know a realtor in town, so looked online. We called a few different people and really seemed to click with Eric. He knows Austin very well, which is what we really cared about, since we knew little about the various Austin neighborhoods.…
Eric is such a fantastic realtor! I had a distressed home to sell and Eric gave me the advice I needed to list it at a price that would sell. His suggested price was right on, and the house sold in a week! Eric was always available and replied quickly to all of our questions.…
My wife and I found Eric online in 2011 when we were considering moving to Austin. Eric was very helpful showing around various neighborhoods during my business trips that made my decision to move to Austin easier. Unlike most agents, Eric also helped us find an apartment for around 6 months so that we could…
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