2015-02-10_2027Hello! I’ve been in business for 12+ years in the Austin real estate market and my clients began leaving me reviews on sites like Google+, Yelp, & Zillow as these sites became popular. Since then, I’ve received over 400 positive reviews from my past clients. I’ve posted the reviews here & have organized them by the service(s) provided. However, if you’d like to check out my Google+, Yelp, or Zillow profiles to read the reviews there & verify them, I encourage you to do so!


~Eric + Team

We are new to the Austin area and were so blessed to find Eric. He really listened to our needs/wants and took us on a tremendously helpful tour of Austin. He was a wealth of information about everything, schools, market trends, shopping, nightlife, vendors, etc. When it came time to purchase our home, he fought on our behalf to get us the best price possible. Above all, the trait I appreciate most in Eric is his honest approach to real estate. He operates with integrity that is hard to find these days. We are so happy with our new home in Austin and we have Eric to thank.

Melissa Garrett ~ Buyers | Eric Bramlett

I cannot recommend Eric Bramlett and his team enough. As first time home buyers, Michael and I had A LOT of questions. Eric was patient with us throughout the process and extremely knowledgeable about each area and home (…and we looked at 25+!). Central Austin is an extremely hot market and if you like something, you have to check it out immediately before someone else makes an offer. Eric was extremely flexible and available to tour homes with little to no notice. He was honest with us about properties and pricing, even if it was something that we didn’t want to hear. When we made our first offer, the seller didn’t even respond. Although we were frustrated, Eric assured us that our offer was fair and we shouldn’t up the ante. When we finally found the perfect home in Travis Heights, things got a little chaotic when the seller’s Realtor tried to back out of an executed contract after a competing offer came in. The situation almost resulted in a law suit, but Eric stood behind us and fought to find a win-win solution. Although we are so excited about our new home, we’ll miss seeing Eric every week!

Adrienne Addessi ~ Buyers | Eric Bramlett

Eric was a massive help throughout the entire process. I called him countless times and he was always there, or got back to me very soon after, even after we had closed.

We used Eric this summer to both sell our house and buy a new one, and the process could not have been smoother! Eric is very knowledgeable about Austin real estate and has extensive experience both in buying and selling as well as remodeling. He is the opposite of pushy but is always there with information as soon as you ask and has recommendations for everything from a yard company to a mortgage broker. He is very easy to communicate with and has a process setup for getting a house listed (including a professional stager, professional photographer, and detailed market analysis) which I am convinced got us more money on our house than we would have gotten if we used someone else. Eric and team exceeded our expectations and were so nice to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Eric is terrific. We picked him based on his excellent reviews and were still pleasantly surprised. Some of the specific things that we liked include: He has a strong knowledge of the real estate market and its trends. We spoke to several realtors before we hired him. However, it was clear that he knew exactly how to price and present our house to get the best possible price without unnecessary updates and modifications. The house has been very well maintained, and he knew exactly how to showcase its value, rather than relying on superficial staging. Second, Eric is very efficient without being at all pushy. When issues arise, he promptly gives a thorough explanation of all of the options, and offers a clear recommendation. He also did a very good job of protecting our interest while being fair to the buyer throughout the process even though they were represented by another realtor. This was important to us because we wanted to buyer to feel good about their purchase long after the closing. Third, Eric is always available. On the rare occasion that he was not immediately available, is not available in matter of hours at most. He regularly offered to be available at nights, weekends, and during the holidays. This was very helpful in making us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Overall we could not have had a better experience in selling our home.

Eric helped my wife & I find tenants for our old home. We moved into a new place and weren’t sure if we wanted to buy or sell. We talked to Eric and he gave us good information on what we could expect for a rental price and what we could expect if we were to sell. Even though he would make more money if he sold the house, he didn’t pressure us one way or the other. We decided to keep it as a rental and tried to find tenants on our own through Craigslist, which went nowhere pretty fast. We called Eric and he had his photographer out the next day, the property listed the following day, and a 2 year tenant in the property within a week. I’d say he’s good at what he does. Eric is great because he actually knows what he’s talking about and puts his clients first. Talking to him about real estate is impressive. No matter what area of town or what subject, he can give an intelligent response off the cuff, he doesn’t have to check Google or with a colleague and then get back to you. We’ll definitely use him in the future and would be confident referring any friends or family to him.

Eric is hands down the best realtor I have ever had working for me. I’ve done 13 personal buy or sell real estate transactions in many areas of the country now and have no patience for 95% of realtors and Eric far exceeded my demanding expectations 100% of the time. First he helped me when I was looking to buy, then went far above and beyond when I decided to rent first for 4 months. His response time is close to immediate, he knows the market inside- out, he doesn’t tell you nonsense lines to get you to buy, he understands what you want and explains everything that’s helpful, and very critically he doesn’t waste your time. Of all the great things I could say about Eric, and his assistant Bailey as well, the very best thing is that he has a can-do, no excuses attitude and will work using that attitude to get you the very best house at the best possible price and do it all with a personable and friendly personality. He’s simply the very best.

I am relatively new to Austin and needed to find a realtor that knows the area fairly well as I was looking for a good investment. I decided to go to Yelp and look for someone knowledgeable there. I cam across Eric Bramlett and gave him a call. I had hesitations at first because he seemed like he might be a busy real estate agent but i called anyway and he answered the phone right away and spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me discussing different areas. In all we probably only went to see 3 houses. Eric happened to be with other clients on 2 off those, but part of that was just the short notice that we gave. Both of those times, his assistant was able to show us the houses promptly. This didn’t bother me thought because he was always very accessible on the phone and through email. We saw a few other houses on our own, but thats because we were just looking all over the place and didn’t want to bother him if we were just feeling places out. A lot of phone calls and email later, we ended up finding a house that we love and its in a great area. I gave him 5 stars because he is extremely knowledgable, understanding, and helpful. Not once did he ask me to sign anything or pressure me into using him as my realtor. Highly recommend!

I hired Eric because he is a straight up professional and clearly better than the three other agents I interviewed. Eric uses data. He has a project plan. He works with good people. Every contact was professional and a pleasure and NEVER a waste of time. If you expect people to do their jobs well, you won’t be disappointed.

Eric provided outstanding customer service throughout the entire process. This was our first time selling a home and we needed a lot of guidance. He helped us plan out how much to invest in improvements to prepare the house for sale and walked us through each step of the process so we knew exactly what to expect. After we were done the house was in great shape and we received multiple offers. Overall a great experience.

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