Tara McGuire

Tara McGuire moved to Austin from Minnesota in 1995 and has been a full time real estate professional since 1999. She holds the Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE) accreditation which gives her clients a distinctive advantage during contract negotiations. Tara’s clients consistently comment on her attention to detail & ability to understand their needs & priorities. Tara lives in SW Austin w/ her husband Craig, sons Mason & Aden, daughter Samantha, and Goldendoodle Tipper.

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Tara's Client Testimonials
Steve Calderon.

We recently decided to relocate to Austin from the Pacific Northwest. Being so far away, not knowing anything about the Austin housing market and having a limited time to close on a house we needed someone who was an expert about the market. Tara was recommended to us and after having a couple of conversations with her we knew she had the expertise we needed. She initially sent us information about homes we selected in our search criteria. Ones that we were interested in Tara would follow up to give us additional information. We were able to narrow the search and flew down one weekend to look. Tara knew it was unlikely we would find the perfect house but she did want us to find the area we liked. We were able to do that and continued the online search. We relocated lot temporarily housing in Austin and after looking for a few more days we were able to find a house. We had an extremely short time to close on the house but Tara was able to recommend a mortgage company that was able to meet our needs. She also recommends an insurance company and any other services we needed. Tara kept in contact with the title and mortgage company to ensure we closed on time. Without Tara, our Austin home experience would have not gone as smoothly as it did. We would recommend Tara to EVERYONE!!

Michael Graves.

We worked with Tara McGuire to sell our rental house in Austin after we moved to Seattle. I expected it to be a difficult process since our tenants left the house in poor condition and we were 2500 miles away. Well, it actually ended up being a very pleasant experience. We met with Tara a couple of months in advance to formulate a plan and then her team began working immediately after our tenants moved out. They had the house ready within a couple of weeks and then it sold a few days later. I couldn't be more pleased with the level of service!

Miranda Martz.

Tara McGuire is outstanding! Very smart and personable. She knows the market like the back of her hand and also real estate investments of her own (buy and hold). She will truly go at your pace and won't pressure you. Thank you Tara! We couldn't have done it without you.

Nicole Tan.

My boyfriend and I were first time home buyers, and new to the Austin area so we were a bit hesitant starting our home buying. We were set up with Tara and Andrew, and the experience was awesome! I really couldn't imagine us getting through the home buying so quickly and (relatively) stress free without them. Tara was very responsive and available whenever we had questions or wanted to check out a property. We super appreciated Tara's honesty when it came to home values. She steered us from an initial perspective house that we loved, but wasn't a great value and ultimately, we're sooo thankful that she did. We ended up finding a house a few weeks later that was better for our budget, and that we loved even more! We never felt pressured, and both Andrew and Tara were proactive and very communicative through the whole purchase process. We strongly recommend the team at Bramlett Residential Real Estate, and will be back in touch when it comes time to sell :]

Dana Williams.

We worked with Tara McGuire at Eric Bramlett to sell our home in Travis Heights. Tara has a very honest and direct approach both with her clients and with other agents. She has a great sense of what improvements need to be made to make a home appeal to buyers. Her expertise about what are normal expectations when negotiating with buyers was pivotal in our sale, as well. When our business was moved out of state and we needed to relocate before our home was ready to put on the market, Tara helped pick up a lot of the responsibilities and looked out for our home in our absence. We know that wasn't easy, but she has great/affordable contacts and we were grateful for her support. We will miss living in Austin and our wonderful home there, but we are thankful that we hired Tara. She made our transition out of state much more pleasant.

Over 1000 Client Reviews
My wife and I relocated to Austin from the east coast and didn't know a realtor in town, so looked online. We called a few different people and really seemed to click with Eric. He knows Austin very well, which is what we really cared about, since we knew little about the various Austin neighborhoods.…
Eric is such a fantastic realtor! I had a distressed home to sell and Eric gave me the advice I needed to list it at a price that would sell. His suggested price was right on, and the house sold in a week! Eric was always available and replied quickly to all of our questions.…
My wife and I found Eric online in 2011 when we were considering moving to Austin. Eric was very helpful showing around various neighborhoods during my business trips that made my decision to move to Austin easier. Unlike most agents, Eric also helped us find an apartment for around 6 months so that we could…
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