Lauren Yoder

Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lauren decided to become a Texan in 2013 and made the move to Austin. She settled in quickly to the warmer weather and the city's unique culture, and now can't imagine herself anywhere else! Growing up, Lauren's father was a contractor who owned his own remodeling business, so she constantly found herself on job sites. She purchased her first real estate investment at 21 and flipped it a few years later, witnessing firsthand the power of building wealth through real estate and ultimately swaying her to launch her real estate career. Her approach is to be available and hands-on for her clients, and she prides herself on superior customer service. Lauren has a passion for helping sellers, buyers, and investors alike - she is always excited to meet new people and help them achieve their real estate goals! In her free time, Lauren loves hiking, camping, and trying new foods with her partner, Tom.

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Lauren's Client Testimonials
Chris V.

After Lauren helped us find our first rental, we knew we needed her help to purchase our first house. The whole experience from front to back was made super-smooth by Lauren's constant attentiveness.

Where to start? She explains everything in an easy-to-understand way, and her advice has never steered us wrong. She even helped us line up contractors for post-purchase work.

Her attention to detail, no-nonsense attitude, and empathetic approach made her an absolute asset in our house-buying process. I'm not joking when I say that we literally couldn't have done this without her.

Sarie T.

Lauren Yoder is the hardest working real estate agent in the business.If you work with anyone else, you are missing out! Working with Lauren is like scrolling through Zillow with your best friend, but your best friend is an expert and actually knows what the heck they are talking about.

Lauren is friendly, dedicated and most importantly SHE LISTENS. She would listen to our likes and dislikes when we were looking at homes and use that insight when sending us homes she thought we would like. When I say that Lauren is hard working *it is not a joke.* Lauren accessible after work, on weekends and through our ongoing group text! She is well respected in the real estate community and even while she was sick she coordinated a showing of a home in our dream neighborhood. (It ended up being the home we purchased!)

Lauren never pressured us on our budget and took the time to break the complicated process down into bite-size pieces. As first time home buyers, we had NO IDEA what we were doing and finding someone we trusted was important to us; Lauren guided us through each step of the process with ease.

Working with Lauren will make you confident, knowledgeable and excited to navigate the real estate market! Not only did we achieve our goal of buying a home on time and under budget we gained a new friend in the process.

The baddest, raddest real estate in the business is Lauren Yoder. 10/10 would recommend.

Kelsey E.

What to say about Lauren. Trustworthy, genuine, customer-centric, in tune with industry knowledge, realtor, friend, the list goes on. Having known nothing about buying a place, Lauren made this process as easy as buying a new home can be. She fully explained everything so that I was able to make the right decisions, only offering her opinion when prompted. Her main priority is her customer's happiness and that shines through from the start. I tend to be indecisive, like a lot of first-time buyers can be, but when I was ready to make a decision, she was ready to take action. She handled everything with grace and in terms of the deal, I even came out on top. Having her along for my first home purchase was an experience I won't forget.

Alexandra R.

Lauren is, hands-down, the best there is. She helped my partner and I find and purchase a home, and guided us through the process every step of the way. To first-time buyers like us, the kind of attention to detail, care, and support she provided was invaluable. Her heart is in the work, and it's evident! She's great at what she does because she loves doing it. Give her a call -- you won't be disappointed!

Over 1000 Client Reviews
My wife and I relocated to Austin from the east coast and didn't know a realtor in town, so looked online. We called a few different people and really seemed to click with Eric. He knows Austin very well, which is what we really cared about, since we knew little about the various Austin neighborhoods.…
Eric is such a fantastic realtor! I had a distressed home to sell and Eric gave me the advice I needed to list it at a price that would sell. His suggested price was right on, and the house sold in a week! Eric was always available and replied quickly to all of our questions.…
My wife and I found Eric online in 2011 when we were considering moving to Austin. Eric was very helpful showing around various neighborhoods during my business trips that made my decision to move to Austin easier. Unlike most agents, Eric also helped us find an apartment for around 6 months so that we could…
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