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Listing Agreement & Special Provisions

We use a standard listing agreement with industry standard terms. You can download a sample agreement here. However, our agreement does differ from other agents in our special provisions. Over the years, we’ve heard the same complaints about real estate agents time and again. We created our special provisions to ensure our clients will never have these bad experiences when listing with us.

  • Cancel Anytime: We would never ask any seller to remain in a listing agreement that they no longer think is in their best interest. If you decide you don’t want to list any longer, or if you decide we’re not the right company for you, simply send us an email, and we’ll remove your listing within 48 hours. We do ask for reimbursement of our verifiable marketing expenses (typically in the $200-$500 range) simply to protect ourselves. We wouldn’t want a seller to take advantage of our resources and then hire their brother-in-law to complete the transaction.
  • No “Double Ending” a Transaction: We’re here to earn our 3% and never try to represent both buyer & seller. If an unrepresented buyer expresses interest in your property, we ask if they plan to self-represent or if they would like a referral to an agent. If they wish to self-represent, we ask that they sign a disclosure stating as much, and your total commission is reduced to 3%. If they would like an agent referral, we refer them to an in-house agent who will represent them for 1%, and your total commission is reduced to 4%. In any scenario, you have the undivided attention & advice from your listing agent.
  • Sell Through Your Own Network for Free: If you procure the buyer through your own network (family, friends, co-workers, etc) then you can terminate our agreement & no fee is due, or you can keep us in the transaction for 1% total. If we didn’t bring the buyer, we don’t feel that we earned our commission, so would never ask you to pay it.

In any transaction, we pride ourselves on treating our clients with fairness. If, after reviewing our listing agreement, you feel that any provision isn’t fair to you, let us know, and we’re happy to review it. If we agree, we’re happy to modify that provision.