Feb 12, 2008

I’m throwing my hat into the ring for this one! I came up with the idea, but Morgan Carey from REW has the clout to make it happen. Take a look at the rules for the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World contest. I’m planning on using a combination…

Jan 30, 2008

Google recently acquired 25k square feet of office space in downtown Austin. They have been advertising for engineering positions, and expect to employ 125-150 people. Personally, I think that Google & Austin are a perfect fit…Austin, as a city, encourages creativity, and Google does the same.

Jan 29, 2008

I’ve noticed that more than a few commentators are leaving 3 mediocre comments & leaving. I’m assuming this is to get the link juice. So…I’m bumping up the LLL settings to 4. This will make it even more obvious when people are just trying to game the blog for PR,…

Nov 26, 2007

Alright…I’m jacking w/ another new theme now – Mandigo.  It has tons of backend features, but it’s a little more complicated.  It’s definitely going to be jacked for a few days (unless I find more free time.)

Nov 21, 2007

I’m messing with a new theme for the blog – Cleaker – and am trying to tweak the new header correctly.  It will probably be a bit jacked for a few days.  Sorry…

Oct 22, 2007

Pop the champagne!  We sold our first bottle of lotion today!

Oct 17, 2007

I haven’t blogged about this yet, but it’s been in the works for a couple of months. We’re finally launching (as in, it’s live) so I thought that I should introduce it. First, let me state one important fact: I am still 100% focused on real estate – this is…

Oct 9, 2007

I haven’t blogged about my tanning lotion project yet, but I will in the very near future. I’m teaming up w/ 2 of my good friends from college to pull it off – and it’s going to be killer. I’ll get into the details later, but I wanted to write…

Sep 23, 2007

So…I’m trying out – I noticed I was receiving quite a bit of links from the site, so I thought I’d check it out. If anyone has any experience with it, I’d love to hear about it. The purpose of this post is just to put the tracking script…

Sep 23, 2007

I was reading Kid Disco’s SEO blog yesterday & he mentioned the SEO Expert Quiz that put out. I’ve never claimed to be an SEO expert, and now it’s official! I am an: SEO Newbie – 63% Now…in my defense, I was on my way out the door to…

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We engaged Eric Bramlett to sell our Austin property after a previous agent not only failed to sell the property for more than a year but also made a huge mess of everything (including the property). Eric sold the property in less than 3 months. Being out of the state ourselves, we relied on Eric…

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I met Eric in 2007 after requesting to see a property I found on his website. Originally, I was looking for a home in Westlake and we looked at a number of properties. Over time, I decided I didn’t want to buy in Westlake and the focus shifted towards central Austin. Eric is extremely knowledgeable…

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Eric represented me when I bought my house in Clarksville in the summer of 2012. I met him through friends quite awhile ago and we looked for awhile. Well, we looked for a really long time. We started looking in 2007 and I wasn’t sure that the market was the best time to buy. I…

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