Building a Killer WordPress Blog: Preferred Plug-In's


Sep 13, 2007
Building a Killer WordPress Blog: Preferred Plug-In's

First of all, I have to give mad props to Ryan Ward for getting me started with the WordPress plug-in’s.  I deleted my old WP blog because I didn’t like the functionality, and I was getting spammed like crazy.  I complained about it in the AWG @ Real Estate Webmasters, and Ryan gave me a great list of plug-in’s.  I installed them, and then found a couple more that I like, as well.  Here’s the list of plug-in’s I’m using, and why:

  1. Lucia’s Linky Love – This plug-in is the best Do-Follow blog plug-in out there.  It strips the no-follow attribute from your comment signatures, but with different settings you can control.  Check out what this plug-in can do for you.
  2. The All In One SEO Pack optimizes your WP blog for the Search Engines.  It accomplishes this by cutting down on the duplicate content the spiders see, and by optimizing the meta-tags & title for your blogs.
  3. Did You Pass Math? is an awesome plug-in that verifies human users (i.e. – kills the spambots) by asking simple questions like “what is the sum of 9 and 0.”  Definitely a must for your blog…and your sanity.
  4. Subscribe to Comments will definitely help increase participation in your blog.  It allows users who comment on the blog to, well, subscribe to comments.  Go ahead and make the “subscribe” box checked by default, and watch your comment #s climb!
  5. Sociable is a sweet little plug-in that allows you to tack on social bookmarking tags at different points in your blog.  All the big social bookmarking sites are there – and there are about 20 you’ve probably never heard of!

So…that’s what I’m packing at my WP blog.  Let me know what you guys think – or if I’m missing anything major here!

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